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  • Mama Eagle and her eaglet

Eagle’s Nest Update May 2021

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So there is only one eaglet again this year, and the activity around the nest is clearly more subdued than when there are two and three eaglets. But it's still a treat to watch the adults raise the young'un, bringing in fish, taking turns feeding, keeping outsiders away from the nest, squawking at each other . . .

  • Painted Turtles on a log

World Turtle Day 2021

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Today is World Turtle Day (who knew, right?!) so here are some Painted Turtles in flight, errrr I mean, doing what turtles do best, hanging out on a log . . .

  • Sandhill Crane with its colts

Sandhill Colts

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A Sandhill Crane and its colts out foraging on a beautiful spring day. The odds that both colts survive their first year is about 50%, so hang in there little ones. If they do survive, sandhill cranes can live as long as 20 to 30 years in the wild.

  • Yellow-headed Blackbird taking flight

The Yellowhead Birdsong

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When the Yellowheads return in April, it's much easier to find them among last year's broken reeds. Another benefit is you get to see them more clearly perform their birdsong . . .